Professional Certificate in Multiple Breeds Show Grooming, Pet Care & Business Management Course (Level A)

Professional Certificate in Multiple Breeds Show Grooming, Pet Care & Business Management Course (Level A) Level A Courses


This is the course that allows PIGA to produce and cultivate groups of globally recognized professional pet groomer that master in different breed standard show grooming and pet grooming.

In the process of obtaining Professional Certificate In Multiple Breeds Show Grooming, Pet Care & Business Management Course, students will be strictly monitored and trained upon the core elements of pet grooming as well as being taught in-depth information about canines. Among the arts involved are professional scissoring skills, competition-level grooming style and handling skills, and general canine knowledge ( including multiple breed standard and coat types as well as canine nutrition and health issues). Student will be able to evolve their skills with the latest grooming techniques and stride flawlessly and effortlessly across the stages of both professional pet grooming and show grooming.



This course is made available for all groomers who wish to master pet grooming and advanced show grooming and handling. Level A show grooming course divided into 3 categories – Poodle (Scandinavian, Continental and English Saddle Clip),Terrier (Hand Stripping Breeds and Scissoring Breeds), Sporting (American and English Cocker). It also serves as a platform for existing pet groomers to further pursue their studies and obtain a recognized Professional certificate.

Student will gain the opportunity to learn the higher levels of pets grooming, encompassing show grooming on flat coats ( such as Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese), curly coats (such as Bichon Frise), and breeds such as terriers (Min, Schnauzer) and poodles. Additionally, students are taught hand stripping techniques, show maintenance and coat brushing, coat rapping and much more. The acquisition of the master art of scissoring technique gives any individual a tremendous advantage in the industry. These advanced skills will open the door to international grooming competitions, seminars, lectures and other avenues beyond the world of pet grooming.

Another breakthrough aspect of the Level A is that students will learn how to maintain show dogs, meaning that students will have to raise, groom, train and handle a show dog. Student will benefit from the experience of handling a dog in a conformation show as well as grooming a dog for the show (locally and internationally). This additional task allow students to have an insight experience of becoming a professional show groomer cum skillful show handler.

Throughout this course, students will be taught on managing and owning their own pet business/ grooming salon. Running a pet salon can be the virtual equivalent of rocket science as it is required for the owner to be well educated with the code of ethics, management skills, grooming techniques, marketing, promotion and as well as many other different factors before opening a pet shop. This course will help future owners to understand, learn and follow a strict code of ethics before starting their own business.

This course are developed and designed to be contemporary and relevant and are channeled with passion, commitment and technical excellence. Students will leave inspired, equipped with real grooming skills and insights into the unique world of dog grooming.

Course Assignment

Before completing the Professional Certificate in Multiple Breeds Show Grooming, Pet Care & Business Management Course, all student will need to submit a 3000 word assignment on pet grooming management. Students will be evaluated based on their understanding and knowledge in running their own business.


Student will need to undergo a 3 months internship program arranged by PIGA . This allow students to fully experience what it is truly like to groom in an actual working environment .


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