Pet Spa & Massage

Pets Icon Beauty Salon features a prestigious Dog Spa renowned for its iconic work of its master groomer. The spa offers a wide range of innovative coat treatments to pamper your lovely dogs, from aromatherapy bath to exfoliating aromatherapy treatment. The Spa at Pets Icon Beauty Salon features state-of-the-art equipment within a beautifully designed interior to create the most favorable experience possible for your dog.

Aside from the infamous dog spa, Pets Icon Beauty Salon leads the pet industry in Malaysia with its dog massage therapy. Focusing on healing and preventive care of your dog, dog massage is a holistic approach to your pets well being. This method is a gentle and harmless therapy that can relieve pain and stress. Whether it is a household dogs,agility dogs, show dogs or service dogs, this massage is perfect to upkeep the wellness and physical state of your dog.

Pets Icon Beauty Salon offers aromatherapy for dogs, as aromatherapy for dogs is therapeutic use of pure essential oils for holistic treatments for physical and behavioral problems in dogs. Renowned Master Groomer Ms. Valerie Khoo (NCMG) will ensure dogs are properly help by using a wide range of therapeutic essential oils to help a particular health problem and enhance overall health of your dog.

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